The popular motto for DRTC’s workshop is “You Have Work, We Have Workers”. For an example you don’t have to look any further than the recent frame order of 450 frames for a customer. Some of our workers had experience working in our Wyman Frame production area and some were new to working with frames. Under the supervision of Carla Folks, DRTC’s framing expert, they assembled each frame by hand. Ethel helped train the other clients when needed. She would time herself and be thrilled when she beat her personal best. She was able to use the v-nailer and put frames together for the first time. Cody put together many of the frames on the v-nailer. We had a friendly competition and when Julie’s team lost she was heard giving a pep talk to her framing partner. Latoya enjoyed framing and was very pleasant at work. Dannella was new to framing at Wyman but she jumped in and learned all aspects. Ronnie cut wire for 450 frames. Joy had worked on framing in the past and was able to frame with little retraining. Troyce was new to Wyman and was able to do many of the steps required. Waneta loved peeling the paper backing off of the plexiglass before placing each sheet in the frame.

We are proud of these workers and all DRTC workers, including our Prism Place staff, our workshop staff, and our off-site workers across the metro area!