Framing individual photos, pieces of art or other collections can test any framer’s creativity, but production-style framing presents an entirely new set of challenges.

Everything from materials to physical space to staff must either be bought or managed, all while trying to meet the customer’s budget and due date.

Wyman Frame has a proven track record of successfully mass producing various framed pieces, from an office-wide renovation project to a nearly 300-frame project for the Oklahoma Tourism Department at the Lodge at Sequoyah State Park.

Repeat business

Stack of framed prints for Lake Murray.

Stack of framed prints for Lake Murray.

We were thrilled to have the Tourism Department place another order at Wyman Frame—this time for the new lodge at Lake Murray, scheduled to open mid-February.

Susan Dragoo, a photographer from Oklahoma, photographed locations around the park. Large photos were produced for the rooms and other public areas of the lodge.

The process

We cut mats and Plexiglas, dry mounted the photos, and built the frames.

It takes a lot of planning, ordering, cutting and prep work for an order of this size. We brought in several crews of clients to work production-style.  It takes extra care when handling large pieces.

The photographs were beautiful and I’m sure will add to the pleasurable experience of staying in the new lodge.

Framing history

Framed Lake Murray board game.

Framed Lake Murray board game.

Lake Murray is the first and largest state park in Oklahoma. In addition to the photographs, we also framed many memorabilia items they accumulated over the years, such as old postcards, photos, blueprints, menu from the restaurant and even an old Lake Murray board game.

In all, our talented crew framed nearly 150 items for Lake Murray. Check it out the next time you’re there, and don’t forget to choose Wyman Frame, which helps provide jobs for people with disabilities, for your framing needs.


Carla Folks works at Wyman Frame, a division of Dale Rogers Training Center (DRTC). Carla has been a Certified Picture Framer since 1989 and has framed for DRTC for three years.

DRTC is the oldest and largest community vocational training and employment center for people with disabilities in Oklahoma. With multiple locations in Oklahoma, DRTC trains or employs more than 1,100 people with disabilities per year. Visit us online: