Four Paseo Arts Festival posters framed with different materials.

I recently had the chance to frame one poster, designed by Dale Rogers Training Center Senior Graphic Designer Brian Landreth, four ways. Each person having their print framed had a different idea of what they wanted, and ended up highlighting various elements within the same artwork.

In this case, the multitude of colors in the piece, along with the many combinations we can offer at Wyman Frame, worked for their framing project.

The results

The white frame with grey mat was chosen because of the neutral colors in the client’s home. This person also wanted the framed result to be larger because she had a big space to fill on her wall.

The clean lines of the black frame gave the piece a gallery framed look.

The brown frame was used for the client that had a lot of warm wood tones in the room where the art was going to hang. It brought out some of the warm colors in the art that weren’t really noticeable at first.

The frame on the right was chosen by the artist who was interested in bringing out the less dominate blue in the piece. We chose a blue mat that worked well and then used two frames to achieve the look we wanted. The bright green inner frame looks great between the blue mat and black frame making a dynamic framing option for an exceptional piece of art.


All of the frame choices worked because we used colors that could be found in the art. There is no right way to frame a picture so choose what works for you and enjoy it.

Carla Folks works at Wyman Frame, a division of Dale Rogers Training Center (DRTC). Carla has been a Certified Picture Framer since 1989 and has framed for DRTC since 2013 where she trains/supervises people with disabilities on various projects.

DRTC is the oldest and largest community vocational training and employment center for people with disabilities in Oklahoma. With multiple locations in Oklahoma, DRTC trains or employs more than 1,100 people with disabilities per year. Visit us online: